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Glazing of balconies and terraces

Glazing terraces and balconies not only protects against wind, rain, noise and direct sunlight, but also extends living space.

A glazed terrace or balcony becomes a warm and cosy space in the home, keeping out insects and dust. It makes the house more beautiful and your life more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy cosy evenings even in rainy or cold seasons.

For glazing, we use ALT100 sliding balcony and terrace glazing systems.  This system is designed for glazing balconies and terraces. It protects against wind, rain and noise, improves thermal insulation and creates extra cosiness. The system allows the creation of sliding open and closed structures, which are connected by special joints. The height of the structures and the number of sashes can vary depending on the length, height and number of rails. ALT100 profiles are pressed and painted in the factory to ensure weather resistance. Main colours: white, brown, grey and natural anodised. The ALT100 aluminium profile system offers a unique and durable solution for glazing terraces and balconies.

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