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Aluminum construction

Aluminium structures are lightweight, durable and well resistant to corrosion. Aluminium structures can be easily shaped and modified, and can be painted and surface treated to give a variety of surfaces or additional protection against corrosion and sunlight.


We install Alipast MC-WALL, VISOGLIDE, ULTRAGLIDE and VISOFOLD aluminium structures.


MC-WALL - The MC-Wall façade glazing system consists of vertical profiles and horizontal slats, which are connected by stainless steel pins. The system uses (2 or 3) 6 mm diameter stainless steel connectors per assembly, which provide high resistance in the wind and glass load plane. It is also possible to use traditional slat supports or to fix the slats only with screws from the front. The system includes a wide range of glazing caps and a variety of support profiles to meet the needs of any designer or architect.


VISOGLIDE is a sliding and thermally insulated door system. The profiles of this system are triple-chambered, with a frame width of 99 or 155 mm and a leaf width of 43 mm, and use two or three track rails on which the leaf moves. In this way, a much larger space can be opened up. Glass thicknesses from 4 mm to 29 mm can be used. Combinations of two, three, four and six sashes are possible, based on a two- or three-track frame.


ULTRAGLIDE is a sliding system with increased thermal insulation. Available in combinations of two, three or four elements. Maximum load: 250 kg (sliding system), 400 kg in the lifting, sliding version. Thanks to these parameters, this system allows the design of very large-size stacks. The system is equipped with thermal insulation (thermal liner with 22 mm and 28 mm widths, supplemented with additional glass fibre). Profile depth: joint: 67 mm, jamb: 153 mm Profile width: joint: 100 mm, jamb: 64 mm, glazing: 6-53 mm. Ultraglide is the perfect system for large open spaces in commercial applications. 


ALIPLAST is a three-chamber, thermally insulated system for folding construction. Two sill solutions are available: Option 1 - continuation of the jambs on the sides and top (the advantage of this solution is a very good seal), Option 2 - low sill recessed in the floor, sealed with two brushes. In both cases, a trolley (an armature-shaped sash mechanism) moves in the threshold, to which the weight of the movable structures is transferred. From 2 to 8 or more movable leaves can be used, symmetrically aligned in both directions or only in one direction. The depth of the frames and leaves is 70/78 mm. Glass thickness available from 4 to 37 mm. This folding door system is used in hotels, restaurants, shops and private houses. Wherever it is necessary to open up a whole wall or to create more additional space. 

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