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Window installation and other various materials

We offer a wide range of window installation and other materials. This includes Triotherm profiles, screws, adhesives, insulation tapes, masonry, PVC and MDP interior sills.

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Triotherm profiliai

Triotherm profiles

The Triotherm window installation profiles, developed in Germany, are designed for the proper installation of windows in buildings with energy efficiency class A+ and A++. Properly installed profiles, using the complete Triotherm material system, ensure window strength (160 to 503 kg), wind load capacity (0.81kN to 7.03kN), perfect airtightness and sound insulation. 


Screws for triotherm installation

Certified Triotherm fixing screws are known for their strength and reliability. They are made from high quality materials and meet international standards.  They are used for fixing Triotherm+ profiles and also for fixing window frame profiles to the wall. The quality of Triotherm screws guarantees not only a reliable installation, but also durability and resistance to various external influences.


"Blaugelb RC" Glue

This adhesive helps to join different materials such as glass, wood, PVC, aluminium, metal and HPL. The use of this adhesive for double glazing achieves high anti-breakage class RC2 and RC3, thus improving the stability of the sash and reducing maintenance requirements. In addition, this adhesive does not compromise the properties of the parts to be bonded, provides additional sealing, additional sound insulation and distributes stresses equally.


Diffusion and sealing tapes "Blaugelb SL1050"

These tapes are used to seal the gap between the frame and the opening. Blaugelb Folie Außen SL1050 Power One is a good adhesive for sealing the exterior, has a high resistance to rain and water, and provides 12 months of protection against sunlight (UV). It is open to vapour diffusion and has low air permeability. Blaugelb Folie Innen SL1050 Power Plus has a good adhesive bond for sealing the inner part and has an adhesive strip on the reverse side. It also has a high rain and water resistance, but only 6 months of protection against sunlight (UV).


Masonry screws

Masonry screws are intended for attaching window installation profiles to the wall. Available sizes from Ø7.5mm to Ø21mm in diameter. These screws guarantee stable and reliable window installation work. Please see the PDF file for more information and specify the length and quantity of screws required when ordering.


MDP and PVC interior window sills

High quality in various colors MDP window sills are covered with high-pressure laminate with a thickness of 0.5 mm. This gives them high mechanical and chemical resistance. The density of chipboard is 650 kg/m3 according to DIN 52361/EN323. PVC white window sills have a solid construction due to the diagonal inner walls. The surface is covered with a quality HPL laminate that is resistant to water, heat, color fading, scratches, stains and wear.

iStock images (11).jpg

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